What I Offer as an Expressive Arts Sex Coach

I coach you to:

  • Become more comfortable and confident talking about sex and sexual issues.
  • Utilize the arts in your process in simple and non-threatening techniques-no art experience is necessary.
  • Restore your interest and enthusiasm for sexual activity, have more sexual desire.
  • Love your body, no matter what your age or shape.
  • Discover a new vision of sexuality as you age.
  • Feel sexy and comfortable in your own body.
  • Embrace and enjoy your sexual fantasies without judgment.
  • Discover your unique turn-ons and how this will help to restore your libido.
  • Investigate the value of erotica and your erotic turn-ons.
  • Navigate conflict about pornography, individually or within a couple.
  • Explore the issue of uneven desire with your partner.
  • Explore the wide range of alternative sexual expression for couples.
  • Male ejaculation challenges: either too early or too long.
  • Female climax challenges: never having a climax, having difficulty or wanting better climaxes; alone or with a partner.
  • Learn how to initiate physical intimacy for the sexless couple.
  • Have more confidence in getting out into the dating scene.
  • Educate yourself on how to please your partner and/or yourself.
  • Explore the possibility of alternative sexual lifestyles, such as kink, BDSM, individually or for couples.

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How I Work

My coaching sessions:

  • Provide a non-judgmental, shame-free safe environment where you are able to share/express their sexual issues, including their most intimate sexual fantasies, turn-ons, and eroticism.
  • Use Expressive Arts to provide a non-verbal method of accessing difficult and shameful conversations.
  • Guide you to become aware of your desired outcomes and how to accomplish them.
  • Provide positive reinforcement of your dreams, wishes and goals.
  • Help you overcome sexual blocks that prevent you from being fully sexually expressed.
  • Give home assignments to try out new approaches to help you move toward sexual fulfillment.
  • Offer resources to explore, e.g., books, online videos, websites, classes, etc. and referrals to other professionals when necessary.
  • Draw on personal experience in deep transformative healing, sexual work such as Tantra workshops, Orgasmic Meditation training, experiential courses in kink activities.

In-Person Sessions

Skype, Zoom, Phone Sessions