Expressive Arts Therapy uses the premise there are important aspects of our lives that cannot be easily verbalized. The arts have a language of their own. Using the arts can help us have access to these facets. For those who have difficulty expressing their emotions, Expressive Arts can be helpful. No worries! Absolutely no previous art experience is necessary.

Using the arts helps us access these facets of our inner lives and invites us all to become more playful. Expressive Arts includes movement, visual art, drama, music, and poetry/writing. Michele believes we are all art-makers by virtue of being human. So, all art opportunities in her practice are simple and satisfying, and if you have more experience, you can take it further.

Sex Coaching and Expressive Arts are a perfect match. Using the arts to delve into the sexual realm where there may be shame, vulnerability, and shyness can be extremely helpful. The arts provide a safe container and foundation from which to express the vast range of sexual experiences and desires. The arts can assist you to get beyond the defenses and walls you may have in regards to your sexuality. Expressive Arts Sex Coaching can help to visualize a new vision for your sexuality.

Michele has facilitated Expressive Arts groups for inmates in Donovan Correctional Facility and with homeless veterans in recovery from chemical dependency at the Veterans Village of San Diego. Having worked with hundreds of men using the Expressive Arts process, she has found that men respond positively because the arts give them a way to access feelings and experiences that are difficult to verbalize.