Expressive Arts Sex Coaching for Men

Michele Lyons is dedicated to creating passionate connections through coaching people to reveal and heal the shame of their sexual uniqueness. Michele’s life mission is to create a world where people are free and open to express their full sexuality.

Is this you?

  • Are you a man who is uncomfortable with your unique sexual expression?
  • Is there uneven desire in your relationship?
  • Are you baffled by how to discuss your eroticism with a potential or current partner?
  • Has your connection been lost, with self or partner(s), due to your shame, guilt, and fear that no one will understand your sexual turn-on?
  • Do you desire to re-connect passionately, emotionally, and sexually with your significant other?
  • Have you lost the connection to yourself because you are feeling lost in self-judgement?
  • Do you isolate because you believe your particular turn-on is abnormal or won’t be accepted?
  • Are you seeking the courage, strength, and support to confront the sexual secrets or wounds blocking your relationship?
  • Do you think you have to have all the love making answers?
  • Do you think you have to be perform perfectly in bed?

Can you relate to any these statements?

 If so, there’s hope! You’ve come to the right place to get help.

Michele Lyons provides a safe, non-judgmental environment during her Sex Coaching sessions. Through simple Expressive Arts activities, the journey to heal the shame, discomfort and lack of connection that you’re feeling when confronting your individual sexual expression is illuminated.

How Michele Incorporates Art into Coaching Sessions:

Client Art Titled: “Dating Anxiety”

David gives the meaning to his art: “I’m thinking about dating, it feels foreign, confusing and emotional, the brown lines are the emotions, the structured part of dating, trying to figure it all out. I’m not going to be good at it, I’m not worthy. Shame around dating.”

“The blue is water flowing on top of the structured things below, places where I could see inside of something.” Message from the art: “There is no right or wrong way to date, I can learn to trust myself and flow with the process.”

Thinking about doing art may be scary, but don’t worry, this is not a painting or drawing class. It’s not about technique or producing a perfect product, it’s about the creative journey and the information the art piece can provide. NO previous art experience is needed. Finally, you don’t have to be artistic to work with Michele.

Expressive Arts Sex Coaching uses the arts as well as dialogue. The arts are useful to delve into the sexual realm where there may be shame, vulnerability, and shyness. The arts provide a safe container and foundation from which to express the vast range of sexual experiences and desires, which, at times, are inexpressible in words. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the present and on removing obstacles to sexual and emotional connection.

Michele works with men who are:

  • In relationship
  • Dating
  • Having difficulty accessing their turn-on
  • Lacking spark in relationship
  • Baffled by how to discuss your eroticism with a potential or current partner

Benefits of Working with Michele

  • Confidence to discuss sexual issues
  • Improve Communication skills
  • Dating Skills
  • Gain new vision of your sexuality
  • Gain insights of how childhood messages can affect your current sexuality

See what clients say about Michele:

Listen to Kalani’s Testimonial

David says:

Working with Michele has helped me to re-energize my sexuality and find solid steps to reclaim it. She offered insightful and unique steps to uncover my inner thoughts that were holding me back from being the man that I want to be, not only in my sexuality, but in my life. I had never done art before and was pleasantly surprised at the information the art provided. I was able to have a deeper meaning from the insights that Michele offered along the symbolism we found in my art. By working with Michele, I came away with clear goals, actions, and meaning. I highly recommend to anyone to take this opportunity to work with this truly gifted and passionate woman!

You deserve a vibrant and authentic sexual relationship!