Get Wild and Joyful!

Tired of being behind your desk all day and stiff from back-to-back Zoom meetings? 

Do you love music, want to dance, but not so confident in how you move? 

Do you want to stay active, increase mobility while meeting friends and having fun?

If you said yes to any of these, come experience the joy of Expressive Arts Movement classes. Our bodies are meant to move. Lack of movement causes sickness and disease. You are meant to be vibrant and have vitality.

The Expressive Arts Movement classes get you moving! No dance experience is needed, you can do this sitting down. When you attend these sessions, you will enjoy a variety of upbeat, uplifting songs and be guided by Michele Lyons who will show you how to become joyful through movement, music, and community.

Everyone welcome, especially if you are shy about moving. 

We begin with a warm up and simple movements such as walking, moving in your chair, and exploring how different parts of the body can move. We’ll explore expressive movement such as the joy dance, the anger stomp, the happy walk and more. Finally, we’ll put it together for your Free Movement Expression. Rock Out! to your own joyful creation.

Expressive Arts Movement sessions will help you:

 feel alive and vibrant

relieve stress

increase mobility

increase happiness

have fun

express what you’re feeling

increase confidence

become aware of how your body movements connect to how you feel

Michele Lyons M.A., local movement artist, Expressive Arts therapist and Certified Intimacy Coach leads the sessions. She specializes in creating breakthrough moments through Expressive Arts for re-igniting passion, feeling loved, and walking in the world with confidence. 

Read what folx are saying about Expressive Arts Movement:

Loved this class. Helped me release any tension, stress, anxiety from the week. Felt so safe and few to move my body however I wanted without feeling shame. Thank you, Michele, for this opportunity.


I was actually quite exhausted when I arrived at the class. Sometimes my energetic 8-year-old is … well, more energetic than me. I left feeling more awake/revitalized. Thank you!


Much like Expressive Arts painting or writing, Expressive Arts Movement lets your body speak without judgment or critique. I feel freer and lighter after this experience.


Expressive Arts Movement is a delightful, no pressure way to move and dance. Our bodies want to move, and this is a safe space for all bodies to loosen and enjoy being bodies!


Fun, supportive teacher and class. Recommended for shy movers or more expressive types.