Michele and Rick have a deep mission to help couples regain the intimacy, sensuality, and connection that they had before having children- or even greater! As parents, we know the suffering that can occur when intimacy and couple’s time is put on the ‘back burner’ after our precious children are brought into the relationship.

We both experienced it in our first marriages, both of which ended in divorce. The connection between mom and dad wanes. It happens so easily and often unconsciously. And when that ‘third entity’ of the parental relationship is not consciously nurtured often, the entire family is at risk. We share many years of experience in Sex and Intimacy Coaching, Personal Growth Coaching, Shadow Work, Twelve Step Work, Tantra, and so much more. Both of us are committed to Transformation- as a couple and for our clients. We’re in this together!

Michele is a Certified Sex Coach and Expressive Arts Therapist, with a private practice, while Rick is a Personal Growth Coach and has lead hundreds of men’s trainings around the planet on five continents. Both are life-long meditators with deep spiritual practices. Both are writers, as well. Rick has published three books. Finally, we incorporate expressive arts techniques into our practice as a powerful tool to express what is often difficult to express in words.

Our Quantum Leap Couple’s Coaching Mission is: To Create Passionate, Intimate, and Connected Partnership for Couples with kids through Coaching and Supporting the ‘Third Entity’. If our mission resonates with you, or you know a couple who could benefit from the support we offer, please contact us…soon!

Watch Michele and Rick’s webinar for couples.